My name is Laurence Baer. I am a 47 year member of the Unification Church, started by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. I was married along with 2075 couples at Madison Square Gardens in 1982. I spent 10 years managing an International Economic Institute working with heads of state, bankers, economists, and captains of industry, to promote economic development around the world. I met Chuck Schumer in the mid 1980s. He spoke at a meeting I organized at the Harvard Club in New York. He was arrogant, rude, and walked out in the middle of his speech to talk to someone in another room. I met Joe Biden in 2002, when I was serving as Congressman Joe Dioguardi’s Executive Assistant for Truth in Government. Biden was likeable enough. I met Donald Trump in 1982 at one of Tom Bolan’s Conservative Club meetings in New York. Trump is the real deal.

I helped organize Holy Marriage Blessings for hundreds of thousands of couples. Reverend Moon was also the real deal. And his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon still is.

I am also a Grammy-nominated songwriter. Here are four of my songs.

Peter James and John (C) 2007

Seed of a Seed (C) 2015

Arise (C) 2007

Nehemiah (C) 2015

I would love to hear from you with any questions or thoughts. I humbly invite you to receive the Holy Marriage Blessing which Jesus waited 2000 years to be able to give us. That Blessing fulfills the change of blood lineage from satan back to God’s lineage. Please use the contact form below. Be sure your email is accurate.

Satanic pedophilia began with the first human ancestors to whom God had already endowed all creation, but before they had become fully mature and one in love with God.  Satan seduced Adam and Eve, who in their shame hid their lower parts.   He then went on to dominate them through repeated molestation.  Adam and Eve exercised their God given free will and chose to disobey God and unite in illicit love with Satan.   The result of their catastrophic decision shook the very fabric of the cosmos, and no one has suffered more or agonized more without relief since that moment than has God, our Heavenly Parent.   Every day 150,000 of His precious children die in desolation, and God has been helpless to intervene, because we must exercise our own free will and choose God and reject satan. 

God is ultimately committed to the total salvation of every human being and every angel no matter how long it takes.  We are now in the very final moments of history when all the seeds of evil and all the seeds of goodness are bearing fruit.  We are seeing the battle of these two forces play out before our eyes.   God has been implementing a very specific plan through history, and at this culminating moment God is giving us one more chance to choose goodness and reject evil.  We must stand up now with courage and conviction and reclaim our God given position as His sons and daughters.   Learn more through the following downloads.

I strongly recommend this book about Jesus’s life. It will transform your understanding of Jesus and deeply inspire you. Realizing Jesus

The following is the site for the Rally of Hope broadcasts, organized by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon and featuring amazing speakers including heads of state and leaders from many diverse Christian denominations as well as non Christian religions. Speakers have included: Paula White, President Trump’s spiritual advisor; Newt Gingrich; Bishop Noel Jones, head of the City of Refuge Church in Los Angeles; Ban Ki Moon, former head of the UN; and many heads of state and other prominent leaders. The first 5 of these broadcasts have been seen by 1.5 billion viewers. Rally Of Hope


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